Strange Game

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strange game

There once were these dudes from afar
who were all three tres bizarre,
They went out in full force
to the local golf course
to see if they could break par.

They were atrociously clad
in the most awful plaid;
one carried a purse,
the second was worse,
his shoes made you think egad!!

The third was a swinger,
he'd come back with a zinger
that'd turn your face red.
When I saw them I said
"Ack! Here I'll not linger!"

So I got out, I got out fast. As fast as I could go sir!
I wasn't scared, but pants like that I did not care for, no sir!

(Last two lines from from Dr Seuss - What was I scared of)

I read that book so many times I memorized it and that just popped into my head right then ;)

Hope you fellows recognize yourselves!

  • MagikUnicorn - Funny and Cool LOVE IT :O)
  • Xenor - Effectively strange game ;) Called Transgolf? Hahha evry nice. Organic, coloured and amusing. Great work there!
  • omac - funny posers posing.
  • asazen - This is soooo funny and excellent, humour is a great gift!!!!
  • Tino - lol Anita - love your humor! It takes some practice to be able to stand in the sand with pumps....:) Great work!!
  • ladylake - This is just toooooooooooooo funny. Love it.
  • Skyking - Great humor and setting for it!
  • unstart - LOL..You've got those guys down pat!!! Love it! Well done!
  • royc8 - Hehehee I don't usually dress as sensible as that, very cool and funny Anita, nice one !!
  • digitaldaydream - always wondered what a four iron looked like lol cool pic
  • rmisra - very interesting !! great idea !
  • buzz69 - hahahaha !!!!! excellent indeed is he using a 4 or 5 iron. lol!!
  • azore123 - Multi-laugh work!! Thanks!
  • tripper - ROFL..............wonderful work
  • Burpee - ROTFL!!! Great poem and made my day :D
  • Aurore - Lol, excellent humor, great image
  • Harrison2 - He he LOL Thanks for your humour Anita!!
  • Vickimess - LMAO....and those red pumps..are a real give away!! Great job!
  • Duncan - LOL, this is so cool !
  • frogdot - This is hilarious! well done!
  • Kathye - Oh brilliant. I love Seuss. Like your golf irons :)
  • frndofyaweh - Heheeehahoheeheeee!!Thank you for the Dr. Seuss memories! 9 irons of course, but are they packing wood?