Arry's List

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I heard a rumor in the forum that Arry has this list......;)
My apologizes to Graham. I had to adjust his loincloth because you could tell there was nothing under it :p

  • MagikUnicorn - Excellent!
  • Chorny - Great idea!
  • Tino - Pick the one with the red could share Great posing and characters! - thanks for the smile,Anita!! I need that!
  • Golan - I see, She has choices here all over the xmas period good work
  • Burpee - Wow, great list Arry...the pumps fo it for me :)
  • arianna - LMAO Anita!!! Good grief lady but this is hysterical! LOVE the poses and expressions and I only wish I looked that good, lol! Thanks chica! *hugs* :-D
  • Renderin - Arry,Once you go green,you'll never be seen!
  • tripper - ROFL....awesome work Anita....and very funny
  • kelvinhughes200 - guess have blown it dont match up to any those guys lol well done excellent
  • unstart - I would recognize any of them anywhere! Too funny!
  • asazen - lol I like the hairy one;) great poseing and funny:)
  • duester45 - Yikes! She can do better than that! Great scene!!!
  • Aurore - LOL....well done...very funny
  • sabbat - lol! Great job Anita
  • StarDust7 - A fruit-cake, a Neandrathal, and a Martian. I'm not a woman, but if I was, I'd probably pick "D" for none of the above - LOL!
  • whiskeysierra - LOL, hard to give the right vote :o) - very well done!
  • royc8 - Lol I remember the thread ;)