4 Responses to “The last seed falls from the sunflower”

  1. PlantBuddy says:

    Thanks for dropping by the other day. I know what you mean about green tomatoes. Mine tomatoes are the same, but the squirrels seem to enjoy them. Time to start thinking about houseplants I guess.

  2. sliloh says:

    I think I have better luck with the outdoors stuff than my poor houseplants. I used to be better at those 😉

  3. Mir says:

    :’-( So sad!!! Poor garden. Well next year you will know more!

    I am still thinking about trying to get down there sometime soon. I think my soup recipe book is there…at least I hope it is because if not it’s with Kevin 🙁

  4. sliloh says:

    I could look for it I suppose 😉 Feeling damn lazy atm but finally got the lawn mowed (last time I hope)

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