6 Responses to “My personal garden mascot”

  1. Barb Hartsook says:

    You’re sporting a different look! I like it — but even more than that, it just says you’re going ahead with the next phase of your life. And that’s cheer-worthy! So I’m kicking up my legs and waving my pom-poms and yelling — YOU GO GIRL!

    If the slugs are eating your tomatoes, are they drawing skunks? Heeheehee… there is a grub killer, I think. And I wouldn’t care much if you helped to bring them to extinction. (Shhh… don’t say I said that.)

    Question: does having friends mean you have to enjoy parties and such? Hmmm… I may be in trouble too, then. I love my friends — especially one or two at a time. Big groups exhaust me.

    You leave a trail of friends, Anita… wherever you go, you listen, you answer questions posted, you help people! I count you friend, even though if we passed in the coffee shop, we wouldn’t know it. 🙂


  2. sliloh says:

    Yeah, I was ready for a new look. Slugs are bad enough, I’ll really have a fit if I find skunks in my garden!

    Having friends most definitely does not mean parties, partying or anything of the sort. It means someone you can call and chat with, someone to exercise with, ask for help when you need it, share with. I don’t know one person in this city that fits any of those categories.

  3. Melissa says:

    I’m so proud of you mom! You are an amazing woman! I always know you could do anything you set your mind to.

    Also, I’m glad you didn’t kill the slug. He’s a cutie!

  4. sliloh says:

    Lis, from now on I’ll save the slugs for you 😉

  5. It is a really snale? It looks like a giant snake, ha ha!:)

  6. sliloh says:

    Well a snail without a shell I guess 😉 A big fat one too.

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