Bob Doing the Snoopy Dance

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Folks ask for this so I invited Meski to my house along with a few others and ask him to show us the Snoopy Dance. You might say I got the real snoop on it! :p I hope Bob will forgive me someday for this characterization of him ;)

  • tantarus - Fantastic setup, very cool scene :)
  • Mannie - Hahaha!! cool dance dude ;). Nice work
  • dwdragon - very good looks like it could take off in a big way lol
  • Thelby - Cool dance steps!!! Great image!!!
  • Administrator - At least you don't have me in there getting my back waxed. LOL Too funny Anita!
  • jaynep12002 - ROFL! Great image :)
  • unstart - Wow..Bob's pretty agile for such an "old" guy!! Excellent and fun, Anita!
  • arianna - HAHAHAAAA!!! This is fantastic, Anita! The Meski dog house is also a marvelous touch! LMAO! :-D
  • ladylake - I think he must only do this "dance" when the lights are out!! LOL Great image.
  • bill_d - This is too cool! Your characters looking in through the windows add a nice touch!
  • royc8 - Hahahahaaa I love it Anita, Tino's stance and expression are priceless, looks like he's not allowed to join in ; ) Cool pic ; )
  • tripper - ROFLOL...this is priceless
  • buzz69 - er?? hahahahaha ;)) superb anita!! really made my day :))
  • Meski - LOL! He is better looking than I am! And not quite so fat! Oh, he has more hair! Forgive? I thank you! LOL! Excellent, Anita!!
  • MagikUnicorn - LOL Super cooool
  • Aurore - LOL...Well done..
  • Valza - Great fun!!!!!!! LOL!!!!
  • Daramski - That is a mad image, very cool stuff, fascinating.
  • dstdavid - Laugh Out Loud Wonderful !!!
  • classylady - Excellent fun creation
  • omac - lololf ohh look meski's name is in the dog house! :O
  • inonit123 - Okie Dokie. How does one get invited? Fun image =D
  • smokiejamz - LOL....I agree...priceless!!!!