Bad to the bone

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bad to the bone

Dedicated to the crazy people in the recent Bryce 101 thread. I'm sure you will all recognize yourselves ;)
Hmm Paulies shades don't show up too, oops!

  • paulbrittgarcia - Heehee! This is so COOL!
  • arianna - LMAO!!! Love their poses Anita! :-D
  • Vickimess - LMAO..that's my chair!!!! Love are really bad:)I recognize everyone..and Lee..with the bloody knife! LOL
  • MagikUnicorn - Very cool and I like this song too. :))
  • Arianod - I think we've overdone the low-carb thing. It seems to me someone is missing! Or don't we do self-portraits? hmmm?
  • hubert - Is that now a Boy or a Bone group??? :)) .... Certainly no need to guess about the froggy-green one! :)
  • ralphwarnick - Strange collection of friends you have Anita. Impressive image.
  • deanna - LOL! Excellent portrayal of that hilarious thread! A very enjoyable read and image!
  • kelvinhughes200 - lol excellent,looks like i missed something while been away
  • duester45 - Nicely done!!!!!
  • steffaticus - fell off my chair laughing...very much like saturday night at our house.....excellent
  • Wolfsgirl = hehe I love it =0
  • frogdot - an outstanding likeness of all
  • Tino - Is that froggy...the green one with the hat...exactly like I picture stuff,Anita!!
  • madame - LOL, this is so original, I love the green one!
  • shaiina - Cool !!!
  • royc8 - Lol too cool Anita !!