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  1. JohnnyOclock says:

    I couldn’t agree more after seeing this circus in the media. As for the young White couple, I thought at first that they were the two people in the Old “America’s most Wanted” show where a Black Militant Pharmacist killed the man by shooting him in the back. The couple moved to Denver and wanted more “Diversity” in their lives. Too bad their new neighbor was a militant racist white hater…so much for diversity. She is still wanted by the law.
    That story is still on the AMW website. I see it’s a different story on the link…Just more tragedy. I wonder if President Obama, Jesse, Sharpton and Geraldo will flock to Chicago next? Where are their quick judgments for the 41 people shot in 50 hours in Obama’s Chicago recently? The number is well over 60 shootings in 2 weeks now, 3 more today. Several little kids and old people have died in crossfire just sitting in their homes. The vast majority if not ALL, are black on black crimes. But not a peep on the National news by the race baiter industry..aka..Sharpton,jackson’s,Lee. I guess there’s no glamour or chance to point fingers if there’s not Whiter skin on black crimes involved. I did get a good laugh at the attempt to call this Zimmerman fellow a “*White Hispanic” nice try …well, not really. We in Chicago know all about the race baiters. If there’s a chance to blame whitey, they jump on it. I don’t trust any of them now. I never will. I’m also glad Chicago’s unconstitutional Gun ban law was stopped and Good citizens can arm themselves at home. Judging by the way the Divider in chief has chosen personal sides against American’s, we may need them as Zimmerman did for self defense. I still never got an answer as to why this Kid was out at 3AM in a strange town and why his Parent let him go out there? There’s an old saying …”Nothing good happens in the streets after Midnight” Yep. Proven True again in Florida AND Obama’s Chicago. Please..Vote in November everyone.

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