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  1. Lightdance says:

    That’s way too deep for me. -k-

  2. Katie says:

    Even being broken down the way the video did, the whole space craze is still over whelming. The entire idea of other people living some where else is creepy. One would have to believe, that they are as or almost as, intelligent as us, and so then, the question is why no contact? No I mean real contact, no goofy people saying they saw flying saucers.
    I think I’ll keep my head here on earth, and let the scientist explore the universe.


    • Avatar photo sliloh says:

      I know, it’s pretty incomprehensible. But I’m convinced we can’t be the only ones out there.
      โ€œThat intelligent creatures exist in outerspace is proven by the fact that they have not contacted us.โ€ ~ Loesje

  3. pete s. says:

    Woohoo! Very cool little video, thanks for the chance to see it! I didn’t know about the second image being taken. “welcome my friends to the show that never ends…” Just think, at that distance, and that unfathomable volume of space, it isn’t even all of the dimensions! Maybe, if we learn how, one can step “next door” and add a similar amount of empty to play in!
    Actually, I feel punny more often than puny, but my days of suddenly being rendered insignificant came early, back in astronomy class and hobby-ism, needing only the ‘local’ magnitude of both space and time-cycles; ya get used to it. Eventually, lol. It’s like knowing that, at it’s depth, a wall is loads and loads of emptiness with organized tiny fields that are spinning so fast they seem “hard” and “material”, and learning to accept the convention that you can’t seem to walk through one.
    thanks again, for posting this clip!

    • Avatar photo sliloh says:

      Haha, I have no idea how puny you are but I can vouch for the punny ๐Ÿ˜€
      I’m with you on the dimensions, now wouldn’t that be cool? I could make big messes there too!

  4. Barb Hartsook says:

    A delightful treat to my morning. Thank you! I love the hubble pics and always, my wondering mind feels peaceful and energized at the same time.

    Puny? Do I feel puny? I guess I used to. After reading some stuff about fractals and chaos, though, I accept my size.

    What this does for me is reinforces that life is not all about ME. I am the ant on the elephant… with a choice of how to make my life work, in spite of my existence as a blip on the telescope.

    Thanks, Anita. I love watching Hubble movies! Have you seen the one of colors in the atmosphere ‘out there’?

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