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  1. Susie says:

    And here I thought having to deal with baby poop was bad….sheesh! I was suffering most of my life with asthma and allergy symptoms until I was put on colchicine, and I’m so very thankful it resolved those issues for me so I won’t be tempted by all of this!

  2. Anita, I am posting this here as a test. I just signed up for a Gravatar. I have no clue what to do next on how to use it. Will it automatically post?

    That article about hook works was pretty gross. I went to the article you pinged on bird-poop – LOL. Isn’t there folklore some where that if a bird poops on you it is good luck. That happened to me while eating breakfast in an outdoor cafe in Tiburon. Actually it was pretty good luck just being able to have breakfast in an outdoor cafe on the water.

    HELP! Re gravatars.

  3. WOW – Holy Moly! As soon as I hit the post button I see my little chakra design gravatar posted here. So my next question is how do I control where this is going, etc.

  4. sliloh says:

    I don’t know that you can control it, I think it just works however it wants once it’s set up! lol I love that chakra image and it’s perfect for your gravatar! 😉

  5. Hi Sliloh,

    Glad you cam to visit my site, so I thought I’d come and check out yours. The allergy story is hilarious and must have been quite disturbing for a child. Anyway, I have really bad allergies to fragrances and odors. They effect my everyday life as sometimes we can’t go into public places. 4 surgeries, a tonsilectomy and medications, I’m at an okay place, but still have problems…it must be all those bugs…eeeewe. I hate bugs. Take Care, Clueless

    Now I must go check out your other site.

  6. Pleximus says:

    Hey Sih..
    I would love to ramble about something… bird poop seems popular here a couple years back. How bout that island that there one and only export is bird poop. I just had one one my car, kinda pissed me off, don’t know why it should, cause it is inevitable that it will happen sometimes. I have only been pooped on by a bird maybe three times in my life. pretty good I think. And no, I am not into that. 🙂 I hate that the pigeons poop on our art all over the place, but what are ya going to do? Why is it most bird poop is black/grey/ and white? Worms are brown. And I can not say I have ever looked at a birds asshole. Is it all tight with lines trailing into it like a humans? How big is an ostrich poop? Well, better go. see ya around.
    .-= Pleximus´s last blog ..young talent =-.

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