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  1. Lightdance says:

    The good thing is, you wrote a great story about it! So sorry for your ordeal. I just got back from Mich. about an hour ago. We left in freezing rain, but it didn’t turn into a problem. Nice to back in the south – 62 degrees!

  2. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    62 sounds good to me! Glad you made it safely home 😉 I wouldn’t have expected better weather In Michigan than Indiana but I’ll take snow any day!

  3. Corrie says:

    Good grief!
    It was even worse than I thought!
    I am glad you’re ok now.
    Should there be a next time (I hope not!), get everything out of the freezer; wrap it in newspaper and put it outside, on your balcony or so.
    It will keep, believe me!

  4. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    I wish I’d known the freezer would thaw so fast. That was really depressing, not to mention expensive. Hey, at least I didn’t freeze to death and for a while there I thought I might.

  5. Talmadge says:

    Wow! There is nothing worse than an ice storm. Your situation sounded like it was getting close to being an emergency. Glad everything turned out alright.

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  6. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    Yeah by day three I was thinking I could die here. It was way too cold to go wandering outside looking for help.

  7. Bean says:

    Yikes and I thought the weather was bad here 🙁 I can tell you that a lot of highways have big toll bridge arms on some of the freeway entrances that they use to shut down the freeways in whiteouts. Right now we ave sections of i-90 and i-5 closed due to the flooding. Those highways and miles of other streets are closed with patrol cars and construction barricades, just like they were when the snow and avalanches closed them down earlier. We had firetrucks going up and down streets using loudspeakers to direct people to shelters and search and rescue vehicles were transporting those that needed it to shelters during our snow storms. Crazy, crazy weather.
    I am just glad that you and your cats are safe and hopefully warm now!

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  8. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    We don’t have any arms like that here so I have no idea how they closed it, but it must have been really bad for them to do that. I thought the first half of the trip was horrible. As we sat there creeping a few inches at a time I told Miranda that we were finally going a speed I was comfortable with 😀 Because I HATE driving on ice! I wondered if that flooding was affecting you, between that and the avalanches it’s a mess. I’m glad to hear they were going out and letting people know. Not one bit of that here, I could have just died :p Someone in group yesterday say why didn’t I go to a pay phone. That would have required walking for blocks on glare ice in a -25 windchill (although with the strength of that wind it might have just blew me along) and I already couldn’t stop shivering, seemed rather suicidal to me.

  9. Adele says:

    Anita, Your page is looking beautiful with that new background that matches those beautiful trees with ice. But I’ve been caught in ice storms like that and the experience isn’t “pretty.” I hate even thinking about it.

  10. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    Yeah it’s pretty miserable, I’m REAL sick of winter already. Got more snow coming tonight but at least it’s snow 😉

  11. Barb Hartsook says:

    Oh my… you got it worse than we did, and I think I’m a bit north of you in latitude. But we’re on the Lake, and the weather, while -8 degrees this morning, is still milder than it is a bit south of us.

    What a story! One you can enjoy long after the ordeal, but tough to live through. I’m only sorry to have been so out of touch the past few weeks — seems everyone has their stories. I’m so glad you’ve come through yours okay.

    Beautiful photography, by the way.

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  12. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    I’ve been wondering where you were Barb! I was starting to get worried about you. It’s been a miserable winter all over this year I think. I hope the worst is over. 😉

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