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  1. JohnnyOclock says:

    We all pretty much feel like you. We’re all sick of the bickering and anger and helplessness. Most of us just put our heads down and quietly go about our days until that day to vote comes. Then there are those that think destroying property, hacking websites and screaming will bring prosperity or change. I myself don’t like the “occupy” stuff. I don’t want anyone to take care of me or fundamentally change my Country to a U.N. Europe type amalgam. There is such a place for the Government to fund a Welfare state. It’s needed but Right now there are unprecedented numbers of us on the doles. We don’t want to be here. The desired nation is one of MORE tax payers though having MORE people employed. Taxing a minority of Wealthy people more and more will not fix this mess. More jobs is the answer, more revenues will be gained that way than by Big Government taxing and spending. It always has been. The Question is? Which Political party do you think achieves that American ideal the best? I already know the answer in my heart. But I also know I’d fight to the death to protect any American’s no matter what party they’re for. Sorry but “labels” do a apply. I’m a former Dem/Union voter, now a Conservative type. I had a Democrat roommate for 14 years and we got along fine. I’d walk into battle with my Democrat friends anywhere. I can resolve my differences with my former party and friends by NOT destroying a store front. I wish the anarchists in this nation that are out of control would do the same. They should remember Voting is more powerful than a Molotov cocktail. Next May 2012, We in Chicago are having a NATO-G summit. “Groannnn” I can see it now, the worst of the worst tearing our already bankrupt City apart. The organizers have already been on the news threatening with Anarchist rants and hateful anti-American garbage. I can hardly wait. They will be “occupying” our streets making our lives worse, not better. Nothing will be solved by hiding behind a little mask and vandalizing. Your post is a flare in the middle of a trillion voices screaming. I hear you. I wish I had the Power to fix it all. We all do. I will do my part in Nov 2012 and I vow not to attack anyone, break anything or cost anyone money because stupid acts. I will respect my fellow man..It’s the only power I have left. BTW..thanks for your posts. They do help people in similar situations.

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