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  1. Lightdance says:

    I like your cats. They are very good looking. I’m beginning to think that it isn’t so unusual for cats to be clingy. We had one for almost 18 years, and she stole my pillow from me every night for all eighteen. She would sleep with one eye open just to be ready in case I tried to reclaim it.

    • Avatar photo sliloh says:

      There! You see how looks can be deceiving? lol They are both sweeties with distinctly different personalities. Luckily for me, I couldn’t take two of Beemer πŸ˜€
      I admire your patience, this has only gotten strange the last couple of years.

  2. Barb Hartsook says:

    Hahaha — we can’t figure out human’s either, can we? To each his own, as the saying still goes.

    Karol, I think your pillow story is hilarious!

  3. Beemer looks exactly like my Simon cat who is also neurotic but he at least has a reason. He was a rescue cat and didn’t see humans when he was born. I have had to be VERY patient with Simon and his sister, Carly because I did not know what I was getting into with feral cats. Simon has gotten much much better over the past 4 years and very affectionate but no picking up allowed. I have had cats all my life and never one who would not be picked up. He will cuddle if I am laying down.

    My guess is that Beemer knows you get depressed and is trying to help – poor guy, give him a break. I’m on his side.
    .-= Adele Aldridge´s last blog ..A question about I Ching Hexagrams 63 and 64 =-.

    • Avatar photo sliloh says:

      Beemer has been with me his whole life. So has Baby, in fact Baby was born under my bed covers and he still won’t let me pick him up or even lie next to me. He does come for pets and scratches though πŸ˜‰

  4. That’s interesting that your cat, Baby, who was born with you right there won’t let you pick him up. So maybe the feral part of my cats upbringing isn’t the reason they are weird. Maybe, like some of us, they are weird just because they are.
    .-= Adele Aldridge´s last blog ..A question about I Ching Hexagrams 63 and 64 =-.

  5. Katie says:

    Love your cats. Beemer looks a lot like my Tuxcedo, who was with me for 16 years. He was more like a dog than a cat. Also followed me every where. If I called him he would come 90% of the time. I could walk around the block and he would be right at my heels.

    Have you ever noticed with cats & dogs that those who dislike them, the animal will cling to more. I have a dog, and when company comes over and if they don’t care for dogs, Dollar will pay more attention to them. Same with Tuxcedo, friends would come over and those who don’t like cats (can you imagine) he would go and bug.
    Try giving Beemer a lot of attention. I believe that he is detecting that your becoming less patient with him, therefore, he is more clingy with you. How old is he, perhaps he’s going through mid life kitty crisis. LOL I’m with Adele, give him a break

    • Avatar photo sliloh says:

      He may be going through a midlife thing, he’s getting up there. I love them both, I truly do buy geez he does get annoying πŸ˜‰

  6. Kc says:

    Your cats are beautiful. I read your post to Twiggy and Twursula and they laughed! They thought you should have to wait on your Baby and Beemer hand and foot — it is what they demand! But then I own the 2 most spoiled cats ever! Twiggy will come in from the backyard through the kitty door only to go stand at the front door and cry for me to get up and let her out the front door! Why would I expect her to go around when she can take a short cut and make me do all the work. She will sit there and cry and keep looking up at the door knob!

    T&T are sisters and we’ve had them for almost 5 years and it is the funniest case of sibling rivalry you have ever seen! They bat at one another if they pass in the hall. They are very entertaining (for when Amara isn’t around!). ~Kc
    .-= Kc´s last blog ..Previously On Amara… =-.

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