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  1. quirkyartist says:

    Maybe you’re physically a hermit, but you’re talking to ME (and lots of others in the blog class.)
    One thing a doctor said to me was ‘play music that you like’ when I was going through a tough time. For me, that’s rock’n’roll. Something you can dance to – or sing along with.
    And another time – I had a tooth out & got a blood clot in my jaw. Couldn’t open my mouth to eat properly – couldn’t drink alcohol because of antibiotics – in the chemist every few days getting prescriptions – I bought essential oils as a way of getting soemthing enjoyable happening.

    So the music – and the smells?

  2. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    Good suggestions. I am calmed down, I have no idea if something I did actually helped or not. I’d rather be just plain depressed than be in that agitated depressed state. That has always been the worst. Guess I feel that way when bad things happen that are out of my control. Thank you for the encouragement 😉

  3. Adele says:

    Hi Anita, – Just saying hello. We ALL have our “stuff.” You are a brave soul writing about it. For what its worth, I call you, “Saint Anita.” and not because of all the hard time stuff you write about but because of how wonderful you have been in the blogging class – helping everyone, even some of us might seem retarded. 🙂

    I’m STILL catching up.

  4. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    I’d like my “stuff” to all go far, far away 😉

    Hardly a saint, but glad to help when it’s something I figured out.

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