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  1. bean says:

    That is fantastic! I understand how it can be so difficult to get out and socialize. I am so glad that you have a resource like that near you and that you are able to make good use of it. I am impressed that it has such a diversity of services. It is great that it has everything from food to work to social interaction. I know that you have had a rough winter. It is about time you got a break and support.
    Thank you for all of the support you have given me.

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  2. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    It’s a great place and it offers tons of various kinds of help. Now if it would just warm up enough for me to venture out again! (was -17 this yesterday morning)

  3. Barb Hartsook says:

    I had to chuckle picturing you at their computer station, improving and enhancing their network. I have no doubt you could overhaul it and make them forever grateful.

    Meanwhile, good for you — seeking help and giving help. Finding a “safe” place to rebuild whatever you feel is broken.

    You’ve had a horrendous winter, my friend, and just having a non-intimidating, non-judging environment to “hang out in” has to be uplifting for you.

    God bless…

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  4. Barb Hartsook says:

    I’m back — I just visited Carriage House online, and I’m impressed. With how it looks, sure, but also with the work they do and have done. (I still think you will be as much an asset to them as they will be to you.)

    Barb Hartsook’s last blog post..Where are all the Friends from Childhood?

  5. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    Thanks Barb, I think it’s a great place, not sure why my therapist never recommended it to me. I think all of the people in my new advanced DBT group go there. Hopefully it’s getting warmer, I stayed in all week. I’d like to get back there. I can’t see driving around in that kind of insane cold with my junky car.

  6. Deb says:

    My daughter has a “club house” that she goes to daily (right next door to her duplex even). The socializing she gets to do there is very valuable for her. They also take anyone who attends and wants to go to the library weekly, a coffee shop and some other outings here and there which is nice.

  7. Avatar photo sliloh says:

    I wish mine was that close! Then I’d have no excuse. They have outings too, like this weekend they were going sledding, but not me! Still I think it’ll be really good for me 😉

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