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  1. Lightdance says:

    A tough, complex reality you’ve brought up here.

  2. Beautifully said. It’s a broken system, the severity of which cannot be fully understood until seen from the inside. Unfortunately, by then it’s too late. We need prison reform in this country now.

    Carole Santos’s last blog post..Community Sanctions Make Sense

  3. Dee says:

    You’ve worded this article perfectly, I feel the exact sameway. I remember when this happened and it was so sad for all the families it affected. Let me know about a petition, I’ll sign.

  4. Dee says:

    Hi, I just signed the petition, I hope many others do as well. Dee

  5. Miranda says:

    signed and posted to facebook 🙂

  6. art brighton says:

    a difficult issue as you point out. there isn’t an easy solution, but the sentence seems a bit harsh. does life without parole really mean exactly that? that seems too draconian for any punishment, unless there is a likliehood of re-offending. I have signed the petition.

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  7. dave canada says:

    I watched Reckless Indifference.
    The victim’s parents are scary, the Idea that they comment about “those people”
    They need to look more closely at their dead son.
    It sounds harsh but those boys would not have gone to the property, if for that the drug dealing.
    The District Attorney comments at near end of film are horrible. Especially after it was discovered, the knowingly false testimony.

    Just maybe I am proud in Canada our justice system is more fair

  8. Hunter Williams says:

    You are so ridiculous, it’s painful. You lived across the street?. From who? Mom, or dad? Cause Jason had a black eye from his own father, and their mother pawned them off on anyone she could. CAUSE THEY WERE ALWAYS OUT OF LINE!

    Since I was not only there that day, but friends with both sides I’d love to know how you came across your “inside” information? Don’t remember you being there.

    They went there to rob them. Not buy anything. But, since in your shortsided opinion a kid “selling weed” is a drug dealer, it’s no big deal.

    Do you have any idea what scumbags these kids were? Why they went to a continuation school, INDIAN HILLS? How all of them were known for stealing/robbing from anyone they could? No? There’s a shock.

    Their own parents wanted NOTHING to do with them.

    “He was clearly no angel himself”? FOR SMOKING POT AT 16???? You piece of shit! Selling dirt weed at 15/16 makes you a drug dealer, huh? Makes it ok for murder?

    You have no idea who these “kids” were, or what terrible little fucks they lived there life as. They got what they deserved.

    Guess you forgot to mention THE DOZENS of people who testified about being robbed by these “thugs”.

    You and “Dave Canada” should go happily play in traffic together.

    • Anita says:

      First Hunter, let me say I’m sorry you were there and had to experience that. I guess because of that I can understand your anger. I have no emotional investment in the situation other than it’s just sad all the way around.

      I don’t recall saying I had any “inside” information. I listed right in the post where I got my information from. If they are incorrect you should probably contact them and let them know. No, I don’t believe anyone deserved to be murdered. But both sides were breaking the law. And I’ll even agree that the pot law it stupid as hell and no big deal. But clearly it attracted trouble. And yes, getting murdered over it is a big deal.

      But with that said, the thing is, not all of them murdered. And they were kids. And for that life without parole is just ridiculous. There are people charged with premeditated murder who do way less time than that. And not only do I not believe it was premeditated, not all of them committed murder.

      And no, I’m not ridiculous, I’m just a person who clearly has a different opinion than you and the last I knew, that was okay.

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