Arry the Stalker

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Arry the stalker

Here we have Evil Arry stalking poor Martin. And he's such a babe in his red pumps!
Tino: Now when it comes to my red pumps collection.....
Arry: Don't worry you two, I'll be stalking youse..

  • hubert - ROFL... perfect depiction of that forum thread! :)) ... Phew, seems as Arry wants to capture him *alive*, lucky guy! (Or simply not pepper these precious pumps with shot??)... ;)
  • Tino - LOL....You really captured the moment! I am glad we could feed your inspiration,Anita! Not only funny but also excellent done on posing and foliage work!!
  • arianna - LMAO!! I guess Tino and I will never live this down - the moment's immortalized! Love the poses, foliage and that NET prop! Hysterical! :-D
  • MagikUnicorn - Cool lol Love it Wonderful Inspiration & Emotion on these :)
  • tripper - ROFLMAO....brilliantly done....wonderful work
  • frogdot - trange enough that Tino wears pumps, but the fact that he can run in them. I'm impressed. Great laugh, Anita!!
  • Risika - OMG LMAO! The expressions are priceless lol. Excellent work Anita, Thanks for the visual on that convo.
  • Burpee - Now, that's a man-sized net....may I borrow it? Nice shoes Martin :)
  • unstart - If we could just get Paul to loan Tino his pink tutu it would be a really great pic! Great work, Anita!
  • mele - Funny!!Wonderful work!!
  • Kafra - Run, Tino, Run!!!! LOL!
  • Aurore - LOL...great image
  • ladylake - Very funny. LOL
  • Renderin - Ack!
  • EngleWolf - lol... too funny... he has cute shoes!!! :o)
  • sabbat - The forums are making you crazy Anita!!!!!!!! Great pic.
  • royc8 - LMAO great to see what they really look like ;)
  • dwcarvell - Very funny and somewhat scary!