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Lost Links

Well, lookie here! Mark and Graham have found thenselves a real delicacy for their evening meal! The oh-so-rare hairy frog :p
Hey, sorry, I'm no good at hairy frogs but I had to give it a try anyway ;)

  • tripper - ROFL.....this is too much....awesome work...hope thats the frogs legs ya lookin at Mark, and not mine LOL
  • arianna - LMAO Anita! This is even more hysterical then the last one! Neanderthals run amok! The frog will have me laughing for weeks! :-D<
  • ladylake - What is really funny is that Tripper could recognize which one was him!!!!!!!!! ROFLOL
  • kelvinhughes200 - Rofl this is so cool excellent
  • RandC - A hairy chested frog?...interesting!
  • digitaldaydream - lmao stop that it hurts
  • BigDen - Oh, my God, that's Frogdot,....let him go this instance.....
  • unstart - Fantastic likenesses (all three)! Great one Anita!
  • Aurore - LOL...well done
  • hubert - Hahahahahaha!! ... Just too cool, our three guys! And frogdot seems to be perfectly protected against catching pneumonia! :))
  • Tino - LOL wasn`t kidding about the inspiration huh:) Great stuff...keep em coming:)
  • Risika - LOL. nice one!
  • skoeter - First hairy frog I ever seen..... Cool!!! ;0)
  • Burpee - LMAO :o) So funny Ascript. I think you have a mischievious side :)
  • Kafra - Hahahahahaaaaaa!!!!
  • TMC - LOL
  • MagikUnicorn - Awesome title and work ;-)
  • royc8 - Hahahahahaa !!!!! Too cool Anita ;)
  • Mel3d - lol 2 cutie eh?LOL great pic Anita :-)
  • whiskeysierra - cool work here! :o)