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It's such a shame this class is over. I've enjoyed it immensely and now I have so long to wait for build 2! I'll just have to console myself with making webpages until the next one starts. Thank you Deb for a wonderful and informative class! Now I must fit in all the cool characters and so forth in here. So let's see what else I can babble about. I live alone, just me & my kitties. Their names are "Beemer" & "Johnny". Winter finally hit here, it's snowing and 24°. We've lucked out up until now.

Bryce Graphics

I've been neglecting Bryce while I learned this and Flash so I'll have lots of time to play with that again. I am trying not to use filler text this time, can you tell? Thank goodess my real website is mostly graphics!


I'll leave you with a couple more of my Bryce images.


One Tree Hill
One Tree Hill

Here is an example of the <code> tag

Mary   had   a   little    lamb
it's fleece was white as snow

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