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I've been doing computer graphics for about four years now.I bought Bryce, Poser and Photoshop for my high school aged daughter who was interested in computer art. She lost interest fast but I was hooked! Of course I didn't understand any of it so I took both Bryce and Poser classes at LVS. It was a great learning experience!


These are the programs I use. There are quite a few others but it would take all day to list them all. Including C4D and I'll tell ya, modelling programs are a whole different ballgame (kind of like this class)! ;)


Bryce is basically a landscape generating program, but you can do so much more. I've gotten pretty good at modeling with primatives (cubes, spheres, etc.). I'm still not so good at actual landscapes but my favorites are interior scenes. There was a lot of discussion about Bryce being dead as Corel owned it and did nothing to develop it. But then Daz came along and saved the day! They recently came out with Bryce 6 and some folks are doing amazing things with it. Can you tell I love this program? ;)


Poser is a program with models like people, animals, buildings, you name it! You can create an entire scene and render it here but I use it for incorperating the models into my Bryce scenes. You can pose them, dress them, add textures, it's kind of like when I used to play with dolls ;)


After my render is finished I take it into Photoshop to fix any glaring errors, add filters and signature, resize and save as jpg for uploading to the web. I love this program now that I'm getting better at postwork.

lesser used Programs

As I said I could add programs here all day but I'll try to stick with a few of my favorites.

Tree Druid

You guessed it, Tree Druid is a tree generating program. It's great but you can make trees so big they take a couple of hours to import into Bryce as I found out when I first got it. It makes very realistic looking trees which is great because Bryce trees leave a lot to be desired.

Bantam Grass

A simple little program for making grass when you want actual grass blades in your scene.

Shape Magic 2

Shape Magic 2 is cool little shape generating program, I'm not so good with it but I've seen some folks make awesome models using this.

Context Free

I just love Context Free. I can't say I understand how it works exactly but it makes great looking trees and grasses that I've used in my Bryce images. Including my one and only landscape masterpiece!


Knotplot is a fun little program that guessed it, Knots! You can make some really cool abstracts in Bryce with these.

Other stuff


LVS Online

Well,, that's about it for my blathering about computer graphics! I'm sure I could go on for days but I'd much rather be creating art. Or maybe even webpages.

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