Book Title Author First Name Author Last Name Genre
Never Go BackLeeChildMystery/Suspense
Gideons SwordPreston &ChildMystery/Suspense
Blue LabyrinthPreston &ChildMystery/Suspense
The EnemyLeeChildMystery/Suspense
Nothing To LoseLeeChildMystery/Suspense
Bad Luck And TroubleLeeChildMystery/Suspense
Die TryingLeeChildMystery/Suspense
Gone TomorrowLeeChildMystery/Suspense
Clinical TrialAprilChristoffersonMedical Thriller
Splinter CellTomClancyAdventure
The Shadow Of Your SmileMary H.ClarkMystery/Suspense
Two Little Girls In BlueMary H.ClarkMystery/Suspense
The Cradle Will FallMary H.ClarkMystery/Suspense
Moonlight Becomes YouMary H.ClarkMystery/Suspense
Nighttime Is My TimeMary H.ClarkMystery/Suspense
Where Are The Children?Mary H.ClarkMystery/Suspense
I Heard That Song BeforeMary H.ClarkMystery/Suspense
The Cinderella MurderMary H.ClarkMystery/Suspense
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