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  1. Barb Hartsook says:

    These a gorgeous! I love your presentations too! Are these fractals? (I hope I haven’t asked that before…)


  2. sliloh says:

    Thanks Barb, I tried this because samtex couldn’t get it to work (pictobrowser), so I thought I’d give it a whirl. Those are all Bryce abstracts. I am the proud owner of about 3 fractal programs that I never mastered 😉

  3. quirkyartist says:

    Hmmmm – my Bryce doesn’t look like that. My Bryce looks like bad landscapes. But I have fractals – I use Apophysis and KPT mostly. I have Fractal Forge too, but haven’t mastered that one yet. I love fractals. Did you ever join the fractal thread at wetcanvas?

  4. sliloh says:

    I do bad landscapes really well too! 😉 No, I’ve never looked there. I know I could get the hang of these programs if I’d just apply myself. Same with my modeling programs.

  5. SAMTEX says:

    Great fractals.
    The images appear to be generated with photoshop or something similar? I did not realize until reading comments that special programs actually produce such images.

    Great images, nonetheless.

  6. sliloh says:

    Thanks Sam. Bryce is basically a 3d landscape type program but as you can see, you can do much more with it. 😉

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